CHE$$ Till BödekerDecember 22–December 31, 2023 Photos by Maxi Lorenz


VEKTION Swinda OelkeJanuary 07–February 12, 2023 Swinda lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.She graduated from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf last July, where she studied in the class of professor Franka Hörnschemeyer. The term Vektion describes the effect that occurs when an observer sees a moving scene, giving him the impression that they themselves are moving. This […]


LACHREIZ VOR SÄULEN Philipp BoshartFebruary 18–March 19, 2023 Lachreiz vor Säulen is a site-specific series of sculptures made for Weiden Space in 2023. The work consists of 5 wooden pillars wich are positioned underneath an existing beam inside the space. They are made from oak wood wich was chemically treated to emulate the appearance of […]


Herrentorte Fabian Friese & Martin Malalla & Matthias TheisAugust 26–September 24, 2023 Herrentorte follows a narrative towards a fictitious person and their fragmented memories. Manifesting into physical form, they tell of social gatherings, as well as moments of introversion, unveiling in parts an idea as to who this person might be. The interior hides behind […]


VENUS WAVES Klara VirnichJuly 14–August 13, 2023 Photos by Lucien Liebecke

once in a blue moon

Once in a blue moon Vivien MohamedNovember 18–December 17, 2023 In her prologue poem for the show, the artist Vivien Mohamed invites us to enter the staged reality of the exhibition with a question: “If Earth is Hell, what is death?” The poem refers to Earth as Hell, which implies that Heaven is absent, and […]

Softy Krallen

Softy Krallen Naiyun YangOctober 06–November 05, 2023


Cradling Specters Hedda_Roman & Marina BochertMay 26–June 25, 2023 Eisenstein’s idea of plasmaticness originates from his study of animation and art, where he notes the fluid, metamorphic potential of drawn figures, their ability to adopt any form while retaining the same essence. This, in a way, parallels the process of diffusion models which too possess […]