Swinda Oelke
January 07–February 12, 2023

Swinda lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.
She graduated from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf last July, where she studied in the class of professor Franka Hörnschemeyer.

The term Vektion describes the effect that occurs when an observer sees a moving scene, giving him the impression that they themselves are moving. This effect can be observed, for example, in a stationary train when another train next to it starts moving.

The video work Vektion shows videos of the Railroad overhead lines that pass by Weiden space. Thus, the room seems to move along the overhead lines like a train would do.

Over the past years, Swinda started to take her projectors apart, and use them in this fragile way, with their „intestines“ visible, stripped of their corporate shell.
This exhibition shows a reflection of this process. On the walls one can see Scans of the parts that she disassembled from her projectors, showing us always just one side of a remainder of these shells.

This approach of scanning, mapping and matching is also apparent in the videos of the overhead lines, where the camera seems to scan the city’s infrastructure.