Philipp Boshart
February 18–March 19, 2023

Lachreiz vor Säulen is a site-specific series of sculptures made for Weiden Space in 2023. The work consists of 5 wooden pillars wich are positioned underneath an existing beam inside the space. They are made from oak wood wich was chemically treated to emulate the appearance of bog oak. They have marks like cracks, scratches and various mortises as if they have been used before in other occasions for quite some time. In the room the line of pillars creates a barrier that divides the space. It can be crossed but only by squeezing through two of the pillars. Both in the space in front of the pillars and the space behind them one can find a small work hanging on the wall. The back room of the space is only accessible by again squeezing through a half closed door. The back room has no light so one can only vaguely see one shelf-like wall piece and five roughly folded protective sheets laying about.

The title Lachreiz vor Säulen is a quote by the poet and author Günther Eich commenting the overwhelming history of columns in architecture. The sculptures also refer to architectural elements being sometimes highly politicised because of their ideological or emotional value and very fundamental and inevitable at the same time.