Current exhibition

Swamp, a germinating stage



opening & performance
10.05.24, 7pm

Visits by appointment, contact:


Swamp, a germinating stage brings together artists Lou le Forban and Félix Touzalin for an exhibition that looks like a nocturnal encounter. The idea is to stand at marsh level, among the glimmering reeds, and make it the theatre of a germination between practices. To this fictional setting is added a very specific temporality, that of the end of winter, a dreamlike moment when animals and plants are in latency, on the threshold of their awakening, curled up beneath the earth. Swamp, a germinating stage is therefore a phase of renewal, a stage for the unfolding of bodies in regrowth.

Lou Le Forban presents her film Tohu va bohu, story of a village in the Alpes de Haute Provence hit by an epidemic of dancing plague that plunges humans and animals into a trance.

In his installation and performance Embardée, Revers, Augure, Félix Touzalin examines the power of slipping and blundering as a way of disrupting design. He returns to the origins of performance by defending a physicality of the unpredictable, with non-linear trajectories.

In this exhibition, Lou le Forban and Félix Touzalin are also creating bas-reliefs, combining painting and metal ornaments to fictionalize the myth of the rendez-vous in this marsh landscape.

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